Many foreign friends asked.

Taiwan, where the HIV test from Taipei Songshan Airport near it?

Taipei STD screening-Taiwan anonymous AIDS tests

Infertility Examination  &   Sexually Transmitted Disease 

1.HIV-I-RNA  Viral Load Quantitative & I/II Antigen &  I/II Antibody  
2.Syphilis - DNA Test & Antibody & titer      
3.HSV-DNA Test & record & infectiousness            
4.Chlamydia-trachomatis DNA Test & record & infectiousness
5.Gonorrhea-DNA Test --Dual system cross comparison   
6.Human Papillomavirus : HPV -viral load quantitative/ Cervical cancer/carcinoma of penis
7.Hepatitis A - Antibody & infectiousness   
8.Hepatitis B - Antibody & DNA Viral Load Quantitative   
9.Hepatitis C - Antibody & RNA Viral Load Quantitative
10. Trichomonas-DNA Test -Dual system cross comparison
11. Candida-DNA Test-Dual system cross comparison
12..Group B Streptococcus-DNA Test
13. Mycoplasma hominis-DNA Test
14. Mycoplasma genitalium-DNA Test
15. Ureaplasma urealyticum-DNA Test
16.Other Aerobic & Anaerobic Bacteria
17.Non Specific Urethritis : NSU  or  General Vaginatitis : GV
18.Epstein-Barr Virus-DNA Test & Antibody
19.Gardnerella genitalium  Test
20.Typhoid Fever
21.Paratyphoid Fever
22.Cytomegarovirus -DNA Test & Antibody
23.Analysis of sperm & Ovarian reserve
24.Analysis of sperm & ovum infection
25.Analysis of Hormone / Endocrine system & stability

Oral cavity & Throat &Urethra & Vas deferens & prostate & Seminal vesicle 
& labium labia & Vagina & Anus
Be adequate for
1.Infertility and all STD

2.Plan Pregnancy in the United States

  Individual→100000 TWD
 Two travel together →150000 TWD

 The reports required three weeks to complete

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Business Hours: From Monday to Saturday, 9:00 a.m. ~ 22:00 p.m
                                                       Sunday,   9:00 a.m. ~12:00 p.m

Phone Number: 886-02-27698340     Mobile phone: 0977-225-181

Medical institutions address:
 1F., No.218, Sec. 5, Minsheng E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
 Taiwan (R.O.C.)Medical Institutions Code : 9401010374

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