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HIV-2 Infection Surveillance --- United States, 1987--2009
July 29, 2011 / 60(29);985-988

1.These HIV-2 cases were concentrated in the Northeast (66%, including 46% in New York City) and occurred primarily among persons born in West Africa (81%). Ninety-seven of the HIV-2 cases also had a positive HIV-1 immunoblot antibody test result (e.g., Western blot)

2.Bio-Rad Multispot HIV-1/HIV-2 Rapid Test has been approved for differentiation of HIV-2 from HIV-1

3.June 2010, health departments of the 50 states and the District of Columbia reported to CDC a total of 242 HIV-2 cases

4.Of the 166 HIV-2 cases, 113 (68%) met the first criterion of a result positive for HIV-2 but negative for HIV-1 on a type-differentiating antibody immunoassay

5.HIV-1 immunoblot results were available for 163 of the HIV-2 cases; 97 (60%) were positive for HIV-1, 63 (39%)

6.HIV-1 nucleic acid test results were negative in 66 (40%) HIV-2 cases and were missing in 81 (49%) HIV-2 cases.

7.Of the 166 cases of HIV-2 infection, 77 (46%) were reported from New York City

8.and the median age at diagnosis of HIV infection was 39 years (range: 21--76 years).

9.No transmission risk factor was identified in 120 (72%) of the 166 cases, including 78 cases among persons with a history of heterosexual contact but whose sex partners had unknown infection status or were known to be uninfected

10.No children born to these 24 women were reported to be HIV-infected

11.The annual number increased abruptly from two in 1999 to 12 in 2000

12.The 166 HIV-2 cases constituted only 0.01% of the more than 1.4 million U.S

13.the 166 HIV-2 infections described in this report are likely an underestimate of HIV-2 cases in the United States

14.11% of HIV-2 cases had nucleic acid evidence of possible coinfection with HIV-1

15.HIV-1 nucleic acid test results were missing for 49% of the HIV-2 cases

16.Most cases (66%) were reported from the Northeast, particularly New York City (46%)

Of Taiwanese nationals infected by HIV in 2013, 2,191, or 98%, were ... of city and country of health bureau and health clinic provide the test.of HIV/AIDS began with the first case reported in December 1984. .... Current Taiwanese HIV testing centers receive higher funding.on the CDC report on HIV/AIDS in Taiwan, the number of people diagnosed with HIV ... �Luckily for the babies and children, many tested HIV negative.

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